BKTI-PII strives to support Indonesian infrastructure development and the implementation of The Indonesia Mid-term Development Plan 2015-2019, UU No. 11/2014 about Engineering Practice/Keinsinyuran and Asean Economic Community. To do so, BKTI-PII forms a Training & Development Program -Workshops and Trainings (CPD, SKPI, in-house)- that are suited for all career stages (undergradutes, graduates, mid-level and top-level managers) as well as for a variety of professional areas.

          We provide broad choices in course formats to ensure that our offerings meet your distinct needs. Our resources include a team of certified instructors with hands-on, in-depth experience in industrial engineering and multiple fields of business, along with proven talent in professional training.

Who is this training for:
All PII members, Holder or Applicant Candidates of Professional Engineers Certification. Public: Project / Asset Owners, Project Consultants, President Directors, Human Resource Managers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Project Engineers, Project Logisticians, Project Finances, Project Controllers, Project stakeholders, Suppliers / Subcontractors, Quality Management Representatives, Quality Assurance / Quality Controllers, Document Controllers.